13-Year Old Girl Brings Science Lab to Poor Kids

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Image source: The Times of India

Mukunda S, a 17 year old PU I student had to travel long distances to perform lab experiments in other colleges. Tanzia, 16 had to watch science videos in You Tube as she couldn’t afford school with hi-tech laboratory. Nikhiya Shamsher, a 13-year old girl of Greenwood High School has come to rescue hundreds of underprivileged kids like Mukunda and Tanzia. Under her ‘Yearn to learn’ initiative, the Class VIII student of Greenwood High School has been raising funds to set upscience laboratories in institutions. She has collected 2.8 lakh which has been used to set up Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs in Parikrma Foundation which provides free education to 1,700 students from four orphanages and neighbouring slums. Due to lack of facilities PU students from Parikrma Foundation were forced to go to other colleges to conduct experiments a day before their practical exams. Now that they have labs in their own campus, they can carry out experiments any time. Nikhiya plans to build eight more labs in two schools- Divine Mercy in Kannur village and Sukrupa in RT Nagar.

Source: http://goo.gl/Ne60FD