Carpool for school students : Guidelines for safety


Carpool for school students have come under the spotlight in the wake of the recent accidents in the city which has prompted the implementation of the following guidelines:

  • Drinking water must be made available
  • Doors of the pool car or bus have to be kept tightly shut during transit.
  • School buses will have to be painted yellow-blue and carpools have to be painted yellow-green
  • ‘School Bus’ and ‘School Cab’ have to be written around the vehicle
  • Vehicles which are older than 15 years is not permissible to operate
  • Documents and regular maintenance of Car brakes, speed limit and engine have to be kept up to date inside the vehicle
  • Drivers of pool cab or bus must have an uniform along with an ID card around their neck containing all the information regarding him/her
  • Drivers with less than 5 years of experience cannot be employed for the purpose
  • Every school car or bus must have an attendant along with the main driver
  • Details about each & every child travelling in the cab or bus, including their address, blood group, phone number of parents and nearest relatives must be kept handy
  • The pool cars cannot be parked just about anywhere and must wait unless any one comes to pick up the kid
  • Sped limit for all school vehicles carrying children will have to follow the speed limit 40km/hr
  • There has to be a fire extinguisher present in the vehicle
  • The pool cars and buses will have to have a first-aid emergency kit inside
  • The windows necessarily need to have at least 2 iron rods across them
  • The cars must have comfortable seating with ample space for the children to keep their bag