Pre-KG Students should not be subjected to Online Tests

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The approval will be withdrawn by the District Elementary Education Officer for violation of any provision of the ‘Code of Regulation for Play Schools 2015’. As per the code, the appointment of the teachers shall be done only after thorough verification and certification by local police to avoid recruiting persons with a criminal background.The school shall admit children residing within a radius of three kilometre. No child shall be subjected to admission test, written or oral for granting admission to school. The school shall not work for more than three hours per session and may run for more than one session with different set of students.The school shall open not earlier than 9.30am and shall close not later than 4.30pm. Tamil Nadu Nursery, Primary, Metric Higher Secondary Schools Welfare Association general secretary said that it will not be feasible to run play schools with conditions like only 15 children in a class as it will affect middle and lower level paly schools which are in a majority.