Promise of a better future: Sustainable Environment Prototypes from School students


When a bunch of high school kids goes international with their Sustainable Environment Prototype, one can clearly conclude, that the level of awareness that needs to be imparted to the future generation regarding the value proposition on the protection of environment, is well on-track. Twenty four high school kids from class XI & XII worked together to create prototypes for environment safety measures. The ‘Hacking Space: A Student exchange to Sustain Life on Earth’ is an initiative by the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs which hosted the program in collaboration with Science City, Calcutta and California’s Chabot Space and Science Center. The program is aimed at making the earth a better place to live in and reduce the level of environmental pollution.

The Indian counterpart of the program consisted of students from the schools such as Garden High, DPS Ruby Park and a few other prominent city schools. The students were divided into six teams and their main task revolved around the idea of spreading awareness about pollution. A few highlights of the program included the prototype from the team from Skyline High School, Washington who showed a way to absorb oil spills in water bodies. According to Andy Han, a member of the Washington’s schools’ team, and a class XII student reported as to how excited they were to visit Calcutta for the first time and how they really appreciate so many people coming down to the city to see their ‘brain-child’.

Other highlights saw The Wacky earthlings, team from DPS Ruby Park, and their idea of implementing usage of Zeolite to contain pollution. Riju Pramanik, a class XII student and member of the team from DPS explained their choice for zeolite based on its reusability. He is optimistic that in the near future maybe they will receive funds to build the prototype on a larger scale.